Box 1209
Russell, Manitoba
R0J 1W0
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Updated:  November 9, 2016
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Naboo first went under saddle in 2006, but she has not been ridden full-time since then.  She had some babies and has been ridden on off-years and now through the fall of 2015 and 2016.  Naboo is familiar with natural horsemanship, wildlife, machinery, vehicles, trains.  She was born on the ranch and has grown up with rugged terrain, bridge, railroad and water crossings

Naboo is a nice horse, easy to catch and willing, but does has a character about her that you have to like.  I believe she is a great horse for someone wanting to trail ride with a horse that moves along nicely without always wanting to be going quickly.  She has been ridden solo lots like all of our horses.

Easy to catch, trailer loads well, good feet and legs.  Naboo has been used with the cattle and is used to dogs.

I remember when she was born in a pasture not too far from the ranch house.  I could see her all the time and the number of people who drove out just to see this baby was astonishing.  There is a through road that goes along side the pasture she was in and people would come from one direction or the other and would stop to pet her.  Then they would turn around and go back the direction they came from!!!

Her name came from a combination of her parents' nicknames - Nanoo and Baboo!

---Marsha Trinder (204)773-2711  trinder@xplornet.caN
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Paint (non papered)
White with brown
15.0 hh
DOB:  2001
MARKINGS:  Brown Feathering?
FREEZE BRAND:  T/W left shoulder, 28X left hip
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Dam:  April (grade Paint)                       
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Titan:  registered Paint
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