Cliff and Marsha Trinder have operated this ranch since the 1970's.  Part of the present ranch has been in the family since the 1890's.  We have owned, raised and trained TWH'S since 1995.  Our families have been involved with horses since the 1890's and horses have been actively used on these properties since then.

T W Ranch is a working cattle ranch and horse ranch located in Western Canada.  We have a herd of commercial beef cattle and a horse herd of registered Tennessee Walking Horses that are trained as trail horses and used as working horses with the cattle.  This is a family ranch operated with the help of young women who come here to experience a working cattle ranch and become familiar with the natural horsemanship program used by the ranch in training our horses. holidays.html
CLIFF has lived on this ranch since the tender age of two.  The ranch was operated by Cliff's Dad and Uncle from the 1950's.  When Cliff decided to go into farming he purchased a neighboring property and the rest they say is history.

As a teenager Cliff trained horses and sold them as a business.  When Cliff and Marsha started the TWH operation they decided they wanted a more gentle natural way of training their horses and started to become involved with Parelli natural horsemanship.
MARSHA grew up on a neighboring farm and her biggest delight was when her parents purchased a horse for her.  The first thing the green broke 1.5 year old horse did was dump her on the ground.  Her parents bought a second horse, a 20 year old horse named Sandy, for her to ride.  Of course, a week on Sandy and she was on Sailor and never looked back.  She could be seen living on her horse, bringing in the cattle, helping milk cows.

She married Cliff in 1976 but worked off the farm in office positions until 2000 when she went to part time off the ranch and finally in 2006 become a full-time partner in the operation of T W Ranch where she is a major part of the horse training operation.
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Updated:  May 17, 2014
Marsha and Cliff have subsequently separated and Cliff now lives on a neighboring property.  The business of the partnership of T W Ranch continues as usual.  Marsha maintains the original ranch house where the office for the ranch is located.
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