Box 1209
Russell, Manitoba
R0J 1W0
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Sire:  Shades Magician

Sire: Shades Magician

Updated: March 17, 2017
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We started riding Cobalt (registered Tennessee Walking Horse gelding) in 2012.  Cobalt, familiar with Parelli Natural Horsemanship methods, has  been around wildlife, machinery, and vehicles all his life.  Born on the ranch, he grew up with rugged terrain, bridges, railroad, and water crossings.  He has been used extensively checking cows and doing cattle drives. 

Although Cobalt has grown up as part of a fairly large horse herd he has been ridden solo a lot. 

His family tree is full of old foundation bloodlines of the Tennessee Walking Horse breed.

Cobalt's family is a part of the herd of T W Ranch.  His maternal grandparents, both 24 years old, are still here, and his grandmother's dam passed away three years ago on the ranch at the age of 30 years.

He's always been a friendly horse, always barefoot, is ridden bitless, and has nice gait; moves out well.  A good gaited trail horse.

As you can see in Video #2 and Video #3 Cobalt, ridden by Sarah Husistein from Switzerland, has passed Level II On-Line and Level II FreeStyle in the PNH Audition program.  He is a terrific prospect for someone who would like to advance in the PNH program as he is ready to go forward through Level III.

---Marsha Trinder (204)773-2711  trinder@xplornet.ca
Video #1
Trinder's Cobalt
Tennessee Walking Horse
15.2 hh
DOB:  2005
MARKINGS:  Near Hind Sock, Off
Hind Fetlock, Star
FREEZE BRAND:  T/W 142 left shoulder
For Sale
Dam:  Trinder's Sabre
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Video #2
- Cobalt & Sarah H. Passed their PNH Level II On-Line!!!!
Video #3
- Cobalt & Sarah H. Passed their PNH Level II Freestyle!!!!