Box 1209
Russell, Manitoba
R0J 1W0
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Updated:  November 9, 2016
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Daisy had been ridden prior to coming to T W Ranch.  She is one of the very few horses I have that was not born on the ranch.

But she comes from a background on a ranch in Saskatchewan and is used to lots of trail things just like our horses.

We have put her into our training program now and she is actually at Hi Point Horsemanship at Dacotah  MB for the fall.  According to the trainer who is working with her, Daisy is intelligent, responsive and athletic.  She thinks Daisy would excel in Western Dressage so if that is something you are looking at getting into this may be your horse!!  She has lots of spirit and is smart so needs a competent rider.

If you would like to take a look at her before the end of November contact Sarah Southwell at Hi Point Horsemanship.  See the info on the 'horses for sale' page.

She is being ridden with a bit and bitless, and is a competent trail horse, but she really likes arena work.

---Marsha Trinder (204)773-2711  trinder@xplornet.ca

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A&B Cara's Golden Daisy 
Tennessee Walking Horse
14.3 hh
DOB:  2000
MARKINGS:  Near Hind Sock, Near Fore Coronet, Lower Lip, Star, Snip
FREEZE BRAND:  T/W left shoulder, 66 left hip
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