Box 1209
Russell, Manitoba
R0J 1W0
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Updated:  November 9, 2016
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Emporer is a registered Tennessee Walking Horse gelding whose parents are both eligible to be certified as Heritage TWH's.  Old foundation bloodlines!  Horses from the mating of Fantasy (sire) and Sunbonnet (dam) are great favorites with the people who own them.  Williams King is a great grandfather to this fine young horse.

He was started under saddle in 2015 and has been used for trail riding, cattle checking, fence checking and other duties common on a cattle and horse ranch.  He is familiar with Parelli Natural Horsemanship methods, and has been around wildlife, machinery,  trains, vehicles, et cetera, his entire life.  He was born on the ranch and has grown up with rugged terrain, bridges, railroad crossings, and water crossings. 

Emporer is a very nice horse.  Good manners for the farrier, trailer loads well, stands still for mounting.  He has been ridden bitless and kept barefoot.  He has a good flat walk, run walk and canter.  However, he can get a bit excited and will fall into a pace.  This makes him, in my opinion, a horse that would be more suitable for an intermediate to an experienced rider as opposed to a novice at this point in time.  He has medium to high spirit, and has ground-covering gaits.

He has good feet, body and conformation.  Good for the farrier.

This is a good gaited trail horse and will be a good addition to anyone's herd.

-- Marsha Trinder  (204)773-2711   trinder@xplornet.ca
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Video #1
Trinder's EMPORER
Tennessee Walking Horse
15.0+ hh
DOB:  2009
FREEZE BRAND:  T/W left shoulder; 222 left hip
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Dam:  Kodiak's Sunbonnet CF
Sire:  Sundust Fantasy

Sire: Sundust Fantasy