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R0J 1W0
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Updated:  June 27/16
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Slade initially went under saddle in 2010 but was not ridden seriously until 2012.  He is a cross-bred and gaits.  He was born here on the ranch and grew up as a trail horse, being familiar with rough terrain, hills, bush, badger holes, crossing water. 

Familiar with Parelli Natural Horsemanship.  Trailer loads well.  Good for the farrier.

Slade has good feet and legs, has never been ill or had an injury of significance. 

I remember him as a baby.  Way back then we brought the mares and foals home in the trailer in the fall, so we would take the mare into the trailer and the baby would follow them (in most cases at least).  Well, Coco did not want to be caught out there in the pasture but if you left the trailer door open and stayed out of her way she would circle around the trailer with Slade right behind her and would canter right into the trailer with her baby right on her heels.  I guess you could say he had a good 'stick to me' game!!

A really great trail/pleasure horse.

Video #1
3/4 Tennessee Walking Horse &
1/4 QH/TB??
15.1 hh
DOB:  2005
FREEZE BRAND:  T/W X46 left shoulder
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Sire:  Kodiak's Klondike CF

Sire: Kodiak's Klondike CF

Dam:  'Coco'
   Bay Mare from TWH stallion and QH/TB mare
Slade can now be seen at
Hi Point Horsemanship,
42 Dacotah RD, Dacotah, MB   R4K 1C1  
Contact Sarah Southwell (204)995-0048 or sarah@hipointhorsemanship.com