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Updated:  May 17, 2014
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T W RANCH is a working cattle ranch.  We have used horses on the ranch extensively in our day-to-day operations for several years.  Located in the scenic and rugged Assiniboine Valley, horses are a natural fit to enable us to run the ranch.  Horses allow us to check and work with our cattle in a natural manner.  We can get to our back country fences and explore the ranch without the use of machines.  We actually have lots of places on the ranch where you cannot get with any vehicle.

We have a number of experienced horses that are ready to move on and open opportunities for up and coming younger horses to gain further training and experiences day to day on the ranch.  Several of these more experienced horses are listed here as being available for sale.  You will be able to meet the sire, dam and siblings of our sale
horses as almost all of them were born right here on the ranch!!

The majority of our horses are Tennessee Walking Horses, old foundation bloodlines.

In certain cases, we will also be offering younger horses for sale.

Prices will be set on each horse according to factors such as age, experience, disposition, natural abilities.  We have experience in selling horses into the U.S.

We encourage prospective buyers to come to the ranch and actually spend a few days here working with the horse they have selected, and riding out with Cliff, Marsha and the staff; doing regular ranch activities such as checking cattle, trail rides, cattle drives.  This works for all as it is great to make certain that the horse is the right horse before he or she goes to their new home!

If you do not see a horse that appears suitable for you, please contact us with what you are looking for.  We have horses available for sale that are not shown here. 

T W RANCH has HERITAGE TENNESSEE WALKING HORSES available for sale!!!!   TWH Heritage Society
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