Training of our horses on T W Ranch has evolved into a program of natural horsemanship based on Parelli/Anderson methods that enables us to produce safe and sound trail horses and cattle ranch horses. 

We breed raise and train Tennessee Walking Horses (see "what is a TWH?"), using old gaited blood lines.  Many of our horses will qualify as Heritage Horses of the Tennessee Walking Horse breed.

Our ranch-raised horses are reliable foundation horses with substance (good bone, good leg, good feet (big)).  We use natural methods to encourage gait training, and produce solid stable horses exposed to all elements.  We do our own farrier work on the ranch, our horses are kept barefoot, and We offer for sale trail horses, barefoot since birth.

The horses are born, raised and trained in a natural ranch environment.  Foaling is done in large pastures in a herd and foals are raised to three years in like herds before extensive training begins under natural horsemanship using the Parelli model.  After extensive groundwork and achieving a Level I equivalent, the horses are used for all ranch activities.  Cattle drives, checking calving herds, sorting and cutting, fence checking, and helping start new horses are some of the tasks.  As the horses are raised in the rough terrain of the ranch, they are confident in carrying a rider in any circumstance.  Our Tennessee Walkers make great trail horses.

Our horses are:
- not exposed to artificial training devices
- solid stable horses exposed to all elements
- gaited horses
- old foundation blood lines of the Tennessee Walking Horse breed
- exposed daily to the rigors of a natural ranch
- trained trail horses
- barefoot
- expected to do the following:

     - be easy to catch
     - tie safely
     - stand quietly for hoof trimming, deworming, vaccinating
     - lead respectfully
     - move backwards and sideways with fingertip pressure
     - back up and come forward
     - circle at walk and trot
     - move sideways
     - go into small spaces
     - trailer load

     - lower head for putting on halter/hackamore
     - stand still for mounting
     - allow mounting from fences, stumps
     - allow bareback mounting
     - soft lateral flexion
     - back up easily
     - turn smoothly and softly
     - understand and accept direct, indirect and supporting reins
     - experienced confident
trail horse
    - walk, 'trot' and canters under saddle
     - easy to stop
     - cross bridges, railway crossings, water
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Updated:  May 17, 2014